Friday, February 18, 2011

Happy Friday and So Long, Suckers!

Happy Friday!
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The Boy and I are skipping town. I've had it with this cold so we're heading to the Dominican Republic for some R&R. And some S, S, C & C (sun, sea, cocktails and cooking, as in someone else doing it for us). It's ok if you hate me a little. I would hate me a little, too.

But I thought I would leave you with a delightful little recipe for a cocktail that tastes like summer in a glass. I had it this week at The London Hotel Bar, and I loved it so much I got the recipe.

The Gilded Lily
1 oz St. Germain
3 oz prosecco
2 fresh ripe strawberries
1 small pinch fresh ground Grains of Paradise

 To be honest, I'm not sure what Grains of Paradise are, but they're bloody delicious.  Enjoy and have a wonderful weekend.


  1. Grains of Paradise are a spice, not unlike black peppercorns, but they have a hint of a cardomom-y thing going on. They are popular in some African foods... apparently...

    Yeah I sort of just looked that up.

  2. Ha! Thank you. You should have sent me to this site: tee hee.

  3. I keep grains of paradise in my spice cabinet.

    And St. Germain in my liquor cabinet.

    Come to think of it, there's prosecco in the fridge...

    Gotta go now!

  4. Hi Sarah! TIP! bring a flashlight to the DR the power goes out even in the swankiest places> Been there twice. My Devorah said she visited her sister in CA and she asked if the was related to the 'Sarah Hartshorne who she follows and is her favorite model!" FAMOUS cuz!

    have fun!! I am FB friends with Mark L!! Small FB world...

  5. MM: right. I'll be there in a few hours.
    MH: we were actually only there for a few days, and had one minor power outage but didn't notice because we were at the beach. Gorgeous place, though. Would love to actually learn something about it instead of just vegging out on their beach getting sauced. Although, to be honest, that really wasn't so bad.