Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Weekend Recap

Got back last night from the sunny Domincan Republic to a rude reminder of why we left: cars covered in 6" of snow and ice and a suitcase of summer clothes useless to protect us from the elements. But don't worry*, I'm still buzzing from my sun-induced high.

Our days went something like this: wake up, eat, swim, lounge, swim, eat, swim, lounge, swim, eat. There were also cocktails which, given the swim-up bar, integrated seamlessly into our routine. It looked something like this:

And I looked something like this the whole damn time:

I didn't take that many pictures, but I'll post a few of them as the days go on and I slowly return to my standard New England winter body temperature.

Not pictured: other people. Now, The Boy and I never exactly blend into a crowd. He is constantly told he looks like Jesus, and I'm a million feet tall and unsteady in my heels, so....we always draw a few stares. But we stood out like particularly sore thumbs at this resort. For one thing, we were pasty white lilies in a field of burnt orange and even purple leathery poppies. We saw a few like souls cowering under sunhats and umbrellas but on the whole, we used more sunscreen than the rest of the guests combined. But don't worry, we still soaked up plenty of sun.

*I know you were really concerned.

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