Sunday, March 6, 2011

Awesome vs. Awful

Such a fine line....


Really just very bad. The thought of thousands of these collecting dust in a overly floral British house for all time is particularly awful.


This changes everything*. Unicorns, Dawson, Uzbekistan and more.

*where everything= all that I thought about Ke$ha...


  1. I feel like I want to hate Ke$ha. Have you heard an interview with her? She MADE me hate her so. I blame her. Your post does not make her awesome, but I did watch her awful video because of you. So, your welcome? And as much as I dislike her, her music is good for a work out. Hey! Post a work out music playlist!

  2. Ha! I have never heard an interview, but I can imagine it would be pretty awful.

    Honestly, I think she combines the worst parts of a 5 year old girl, an 80 year old homeless man and a oversexed 16 year old but anyone who gets Dawson to say Meunster is lactose gold gets points from me.