Saturday, March 19, 2011


Currently writing this from the Frankfurt airport where I have about an hour before my next flight. Ultimately headed to Hamburg, then Nuremburg for about a week long trip. Will be shooting a catalog but hoping for a wee bit of free time so I can explore and listen to people speaking German.

Fun fact: German is the funniest language in the world*. Seriously. Have you ever really listened to it? It's basically a series of gutteral noises and hoots.

Not sure how regular my posting will be, but I'll leave you in the mean time with some pictures of one of my favorite Germans, Marlene Dietrich.

*I'm actually a little nervous about just how funny I find it. I mean, not sure how great an impression it will make if I giggle every time someone opens their mouth. Also, the urge to speak in a German accent may prove irresistible. Chalk it up to overexposure to Bruno at a young age.

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