Monday, March 28, 2011

Jetlag...Not Just in Our Heads, Huh?

So, apparently, jet lag is real. And not just in my head. For some reason, while in Germany the jet lag worked in my favor by waking me up at 5:30am, which was around the time I had to wake up anyways. Also, the lovely people on set kept me going with a steady stream of cappuchinos, and that helped. That and the excitement kept me pretty hyper all week despite the lack of sleep. And then I got home and passed out on Friday night and pretty much didn't wake up until 1 on Sunday.
St. Peter's Church

Beatlemania Museum

Sgt. Pepper's display in Beatlemania Museum

I ate lunch on a boat.

These people are going for some kind of world record. Language barrier made it rather unclear what..

St. Michael's church

This dog had a German name but I called him Squishy.

St. Petraus' church

Didn't have much time to explore since I was shooting all day, but these are a few pictures. I had one day off, and I tried to take full advantage (Beatles' Museum, climbing St. Michael's church, lunch on a boat, rode the bus and the subway, rented a bike, saw the Venice of Hamburg, ate a lot of German food and drank a lot of German beer).

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