Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I love fishes cuz they're so...delicious?

So, the short film I shot this weekend included a scene with a fish tank full of goldfish. Which kept dying. So, a couple other crew members and I conspired to rescue them. I bundled 3 of them up into a big soup container* and made my merry way home.

I was merry, you see, because I hadn't really thought this whole rescue thing through. But I powered through, bringing the fish with me on two subways, through Grand Central and onto the train. I got a few (hundred) strange looks but I didn't mind.

Then, as I exited the train station, fish in hand, I realized I'd ridden my scooter that morning. And I had to ride it back. Now, much as I like to think that all God's creatures are happiest on a scooter, it is so incredibly not true of fishes.

But I tucked them into the boot snug and tight and headed very slowly and carefully home.

And, after a brief stop for gas, I pulled them out to check on them. And a car full of high schoolers pulled up. And a young gentleman in the back seat, rolled down his window, and tried very hard to focus his eyes on what I was holding.

"Cool soup," he said.

So, without further ado, let me introduce:

Cambodia (nickname GaGa)
He is very camera shy. Better picture forthcoming.

He is not camera shy.
And Pip.

Rue quite likes them.
In fact, he's no longer allowed in the same room as them!

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  1. doesnt your scooter have a sign that says not for pets like the vespa does???? PET KILLER