Monday, May 9, 2011

Fish, flowers and Federer


That's pretty much what the commentary in my head sounds like at the moment, my patient readers. I apologize for the lack of updates, especially given the immense amount of news, both in the world at large and, more specifically, in my world at large. Because what is a blog if not a digital manifestation of our human desire to say,"me, me, me, MEEEEEEEE"?

I may or may not be a little punchy, by the way. Lack of sleep, frantic scheduling and over-excitement can do that to a girl.

Anyways, to return to the matter at hand, here is what's new (in list form. duh.)

1) I'm going to Switzerland! 
How random is that? When I told my mom I'm not even sure she believed me. Like, who goes to Switzerland? This kid, that's who.

Ahh, designer of army knives, home of Federer, creator of the Red Cross and purveyors of chocolate. I've been told it will involve bakeries, chocolateries and segue tours. How awesome is that? It's a blogging trip, no less, so get ready for some serious and regular updates.

2) He put a ring on it. Here's a little preview. More pictures to come.

3) I'm in a short film!
I'm actually in the middle of shooting right now, which explains the sleep deprivation. But I'm getting paid to do what I love, so it's 1000% worth it. It's a very moody sort of film with lots of long stares and significant moments that sometimes make me giggle. But sometimes they make me feel like this:

4) It's spring. Honest to God, flower-blooming, nose-running, eyes-itching, scooting-weather spring. And I couldn't be more excited. Or sneezy. Really, not sure if I could be more sneezy if I tried.

5) I got some fish! There was a giant tank chock full of goldfish that started dying off due to the heat and stress and, I suspect, overfeeding. So I rescued 3 and took them home with me. As soon as they get settled and I get them out of their Chinese soup container I'll post pictures.

6) And, in the real world, a bad man was killed and some people got married. More about that later.

So, on that note, I'm off to bed to revel in being able to sleep past 6:00am tomorrow.

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