Friday, May 27, 2011


When I was a teenager I loved old, classic movies. Bringing Up Baby, Breakfast at Tiffany's, How to Marry a Millionaire and, especially, Roman Holiday were a few of my favorites. And I loved that larger-than-life style and the gorgeous clothes and hair.

I'd watch them over and over again just trying to soak in some of the glamour and the ease in their beauty. As if seeing Audrey Hepburn wake up in her pretty little eye mask over and over again could somehow make my bedroom that apartment in New York and make my hair look like that when I woke up.

And every morning (or afternoon) I painstakingly drew dramatic cat-eye lines on my eyes and wore my oversized sunglasses and headscarves and large swooping skirts and heels. I imitated these women as closely as I could, and I swayed between loving my Marilyn curves and pining for an Audrey stick figure.

Now, I am simultaneously more and less like my idols than I was as a yearning kid. I don't wear that distinctive eye makeup everyday and I don't always look like I stepped out of a McCall's 1950s catalogue. But I do have a funny eyemask and cat of my own. And I have quirky little phrases and pet names for everyone. I've stepped into my own and developed what I think is a distinct, constantly evolving sense of style that no longer imitates anyone. And that's what I so admired about these women and their characters.

Of course, I'm still heavily influenced, and so is the fashion world. But I'm learning to toe the line between imitation and interpretation. Where I imitated as a teenager I'm trying to interpret and make my own now. Here are a few examples:
How much do I love that dress with those heels?

I've been shy about monochromatic outfits but may order some white converse to learn...

I love the big watch with the ladylike coat...
What are some habits you've kept but toned down since high school?

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