Saturday, June 11, 2011

Weekend Projects

Well, my weekend so far has consisted of cake for breakfast, lots of aspirin (a rogue biker in Nuremburg appears to have buggered my shoulder) and geography lessons on YouTube. But I'm hoping things will take a more productive turn soon.

Speaking of productive, here is a project that I recently got around to after seeing this foot stool sit around my (very) messy office for ages. Everyone always told me reupholstering was incredibly easy but I never really believed them. But all you need is some small nails, fabric, a hammer, and something to pull out large staples with. And voila:


I've been thinking about painting the wooden part, but I'm afraid that might make it a little bit too twee. Besides, I really should focus on getting my office to a place where I can walk in the door without fear of impaling my foot on something. Anyways, hope your weekend is going smashingly!

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