Monday, June 13, 2011

It's Monday...what the fuck.

Happy Monday! It's already kicking my ass. 45 minutes into dealing with my broken coffee grinder I started to think that Dahmer was seriously misunderstood. Then I dropped my keys into a bowl full of dirty dish water and became just plain stabby.

But this weekend was lovely, complete with cake for breakfast, drunk brunch and a Brooklyn craft market which left me feeling like an old lady as I hobbled home. As if the aquafit class I took with about a dozen senior citizens earlier this week hadn't done the trick. It was awesome, by the way. A great workout and I came away with gardening tips and great recipes. I've never felt so old and so young at the same time.

Besides the bad back and the confused sense of self/age, it really was a killer summer weekend.

What up, Aquafit?

My neighbour's roses are in bloom so there are flowers all over my house.

And by all over the house I mean on my head, naturally.
I have several lakeside getaways planned for the summer.
And I will look just like this while on them

Hope you had a fantastic weekend. Here's a quick and easy summer recipe:

Thyme Lemonade
1 1/2 cup sugar
1 bunch fresh thyme (save some for garnishes)
2 cups fresh lemon juice
1 cup gin

Heat lemon juice and sugar until sugar is dissolved. Add thyme, keep just below a boil until it smells good. Cool, add gin. Garnish. Drink. Repeat.

To be honest, I just used good store bought lemonade, crushed the thyme in it and added gin but whatever floats your boat.

Get it? It's a boat.  Shut up, it's Monday. 

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  1. I had an exquisite cocktail the other day:
    St. Germain, Mathilde Raspberry, champagne float. Icy cold and garnished with a big ol' blackberry.