Monday, July 18, 2011

Bad blogger!

Lord. It's been weeks. Bad blogger, bad! If it's any comfort, I just took a sip of my latte directly after having a bite of grapefruit and it's pretty awful in my mouth.

It's been a hectic few weeks and it's about to get crazier, but I have coffee, an organized planner and a large purse.  In my head that means that I'll exercise every day, eat only fresh produce and organic meat and be totally on top of my shit, right?


Shut up.

Anyways, here's a quick recap of what I've been up to:

The Boy and I had an engagement party! Or rather, our mothers threw us one. And it was fantastic, delicious and a little terrifying.

Suddenly the engagement wasn't this fun, silly thing that he and I were doing: it was a real, serious Thing that involved other people and their opinions and questions. In short, shit got real.

Luckily, those people are lovely, and they brought cake and champagne. Incidentally, if you're going to enter into a real, serious Thing, I recommend having both of those things handy. They help.
My mom slaved for hours over a hot bakery to make this cake.
I imagine they will be a great help as I enter into the phase where I have to start thinking about that even bigger and more terrifying Thing: a freaking wedding. But I'm years away from that. Right?


Shut up.

The party actually sent me into a little bit of a tailspin, and just as I was really freaking myself out, my friend from Indianapolis arrived and told me to shut up and get over myself. Which is why I love her.

Another reason I love her? After deciding to be fancy ladies who lunch and debating between the Ritz and the Plaza, we saw an ad at a busstop.

"I've never been," she said.
"Me neither," I said.

So we went.

The BBQ sauce is really delightful.

It's been a week of extremes, taste-wise. For example, the Boy and I took advantage of a wine and cheese tasting at a fancy French restaurant.

It was delicious, but the staff seemed to think that unless a person was wearing designer labels and buying a 5-course meal, they weren't worth the time of day.

So I made French porn noises*, the Boy rolled his eyes and we went to get fried chicken at a Koren joint downtown. 
It was a very cool fried chicken joint.
Correction: we went to get the best fried chicken in the whole goddamn world. If you like delicious things, go here. They have beer floats.

Ice cream and beer. And chicken. I'm literally overcome with excitement every time I think about it.

I've also registered for classes, arranged a hilarious weekend in the Poconos, and attempted to have a social life.

The city has been beautiful, hot and summery. Hope you're all enjoying it.

*French porn noises: "oui! oui! Ah, mon dieu! Ne s'arrĂȘtent pas!"

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