Friday, July 8, 2011

Things That aren't relaxing:

1) when people tell you to relax.

2) when the dry cleaner offers you store credit for the beautiful, perfect white silk blazer that he ruined. Because clearly I'll be bringing so many things back there...

3) when a group of annoying, drunk girls gets off the malfunctioning train I'm on only to be replaced by another, even larger group of annoying drunk girls.

4) when my head feels like this.
Image courtesy of Old Hollywood

Things That are Relaxing
1) This Vogue Italia cover which is so gorgeous and encouraging.

Speaking of encouraging, I encourage you to go buy it at your local bookstore or heavily stocked newsstand, so the industry wil be encouraged to keep it up.

2) Paris.

I miss it, I love it. 

3) This book.

What can I say? Zombies soothe me.

4) This woman.

What can I say? Her voice soothes me.


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