Friday, July 1, 2011

Some Awesome For Your Weekend

These luggage tags:

These videos, which cracked me up. Yes, Algernon, work does suck dick for Skittles sometimes.

This bar, which I went to with a friend last night. They have $5 Royal Kirs, which are delicious and champagne mojitos which are enormous.

This website, which sends you perfume samples if you're a commitment-phobe about it like me. Yes, I am a commitment-phobe who's marrying her high school sweetheart. Weird.

You know what is not awesome at all? Needles. Needles are ungodly creations that have no place in modern medicine.

I had to have some blood taken in order to register for school and as I walked into the lab I'd fully calmed myself down until the woman doing the terrible deed said, "wow, these are a lot of vials. This is going to be a heck of a drawing!"

Note to any and all lab technicians: this is not an acceptable statement to make ever at all.

So, she got underway and I thought about puppies and beaches and it was over in no time. And I thought about how silly it was that I'd made such a fuss. And then I thought about the floor which seemed to be coming towards me rather fast. How odd. And suddenly the woman who did the terrible deed was saying things like, "stay with me, girlie," and "I'm just going to prop you here while I get you some water," and, "stop trying to lie on the floor."

I felt so bad for her all by herself in the lab having to lean me against a headrest while she ran and got water and wondered if I was going to throw up (I didn't) or go unconscious again (I did).

As someone who is very uncomfortable with people who aren't in control of their bodily fluids I sympathized. And she was so nice, pouring water down my throat and assuring me that I didn't have to be embarrassed because it happened all the time (I'm not sure I believe her).

Finally, I started to feel better. "Ah, you're coming back to me," she said. 

"Dear God, I hope not," I said.

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