Monday, August 8, 2011

It's Monday, everybody drink!

This is the first Monday in a while where I've felt rested and ready for what's to come. And it's also the first week where 'what's to come' hasn't been just a huge whole lot.

So, cheers to that! Here's a recipe from The Mirage in Vegas that is very summery. As we get into evenings with dwindling light and earlier sunsets, I'm doing all I can to soak in as much sun and recreation as possible.

Now, normally I'm not a huge fan of specialty ingredients since there's usually a cheaper alternative* but this lime vodka is really worth it, and so is the passion fruit juice. There's nothing like it.

1 part passionfruit juice 
1 cucumber water (click for recipe)**

Combine in shaker, strain, garnish with cucumber slices.

*Like making it yourself. For a quick and easy DIY infused vodka just soak the desired ingredient in vodka for 1-2 weeks, strain and drink. Some great options are: cucumber, hot chili pepper, raspberries etc.
** For a faster option, boil the water, then soak the cucumbers for a few hours.

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