Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Some Unwanted Advice for Your Wednesday

This week has been a blur of castings, classes and overflowing inboxes. Come to think of it, the whole month summer has been a blur, and I don't know if it's that or just being on the ground too long but it's made me a little restless.

Which has led to a plethora of weekend trips which has only contributed to the stress, which detracts from the ability to focus. So, I stumbled upon this article, via this Twitter account. Now, while the idea of a magazine called 'Success' published by a man with skin and teeth that are unnaturally white and tan respectively totally skeeves me out the article itself was very helpful.

WARNING: There is kryptonite all around you!

There are great traps you will have to overcome to execute and stick to your five-point plan each day. These are three great warnings to look out for.
WARNING No. 1—“Yes”
You will have to become a master at saying “no.”  This is one of the greatest distinguishing features of superachievers—not what they do, but more important what they don’t do. Their ability to keep the main thing, in fact, the main thing and not get mired in weeds of minor tasks is their genius. They major in the major issues and don’t major in minors, as many of the rest of us tend to do.
As Brian Tracy said, you need to develop “Won’t Power.” The power to declare and stick to all the things you won’t do, in order for you to stay focused on the things that matter the most to the accomplishment of your BIG hairy audacious goals.
WARNING No. 2—Being reactive instead of creative
Monitor and calculate your time between being reactive (reacting to communications, inquiries, requests and needs of others) and being proactive or creative—the time you are spending being productive and on target with your key priorities, not the priorities of others.
Think about it: email, texts, the phone… you are mostly reacting when you are on these devices. Don’t let them yank you around all day as if you were on the end of a string where someone else is your puppet master. Instead, be sure the lion’s share of your time is spent being creative and focused on YOUR few and high-value priorities.
WARNING No. 3—Immediate gratification
Lastly, you have to keep your addictions at bay. Trust me, I know. I am a card-carrying achievement addict myself. This might be seeing checkmarks on a to-do list. The sense of achievement you get by checking a lot of tasks off—tasks that you probably shouldn’t have allowed to get your time and focus in the first place.
And our human addiction to novelty—what’s new, what’s next. The next email, the new text, the Tweet update, the Facebook responses, the latest news alert, etc. We love to know what’s new and we love to know we are loved. Many times a new email, text, blog, Facebook or Twitter comment is like getting a small shot of love dopamine pumped through our veins through the IVs that are our electronic devices. “Oh, a new email, a new comment; oh boy, someone loves me!” This can become a very unhealthy addiction, mostly because it continually and relentlessly distracts you from your creative and high-value productivity.
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