Monday, August 22, 2011

Weekend Recap

Had a blissfully productive weekend where I managed to clean the house, organize my office, do laundry and still take advantage of the dwindling summer.

There was bounty from the garden, that made for delicious coleslaw and gazpacho and raita.

I also hit up the local farmers' market for some fresh fruit.
I love this plant and produce market that has taken over the old bike shop.

Unfortunately, that fruit included a pint of perfect, juicy, delicious strawberries which, apparently, I am allergic to. Along with tree nuts. How the hell am I supposed to mock people with food allergies if I have them*? And how the hell am I supposed to eat strawberry ice cream which is, by the way, the best ice cream in the world, if it makes my face explode?

I am not taking this well.
Sorry, Tyra, but this shit will not stand. 

The beach provided a much needed distraction.

What? Doesn't everyone wear all black to the beach?
As did Rue, who I've taken to calling Schprocket.

I spent most of Sunday like this, reading this.

And tomorrow it's off to a wedding in Indianapolis which promises to be epic. Also, my flight home was almost out of Kalamazoo, and that is just so freaking delightful.

*I'm sorry to the people with food allergies that I mocked. I just think the word 'nut' and 'gluten' are funny.


  1. haha your blog is so funny and down to earth! food allergies can be a killer. i don't have any allergies but i am vegetarian! theres ALOT of yummy foods out there that i cant eat haha

    - <3

  2. I find your post very funny and playful :) and I love the title of your blog :)