Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Day in the Life

Of This Kid
This is what I look like right now.
So, this post is mostly for someone who I know reads the blog to find out more about a model's life. Hi, Kate. This is for you*. Since I'm currently in Nuremburg for a shoot, I thought it might be a good time to give a detailed look at a day in the life of a model. Even though it still feels weird to call myself a model after however many years.

It's a little bit like being prepared for a sacrifice or burial. I mean, you arrive, you have your face washed and painted and then someone dresses you and leads you to your final destination (ie the set). Today was a pretty short day: call time was 6:40am, hair, makeup and wardrobe take about an hour and a half, and then we did about 2-3 looks per hour until lunchtime. That's pretty typical for a catalog shoot. Editorial stuff (ie magazine spreads) and beauty work (ie jewellry or cosmetic ads) take much longer.

Then, after lunch, we banged out 5 looks in less than two hours, which is really fast. That meant I had time to come home and Skype in for one of my classes, and now I'm going to get delivery and go to bed. Preeeettty glamorous.


Pros: people bringing you coffee, telling you how pretty you are, free travel and free food. Also getting to say boobies in a professional context (ie, "I need some padding. Can someone hand me some boobies?").

Cons: early call times, waiting up to 6 months to get paid, having to shave, pluck, dye, exfoliate etc. regularly, and people pointing out your flaws in a professional context (ie, "Sarah, can you angle your legs to disguise your saddlebags?). Also, unique to this trip was 6 hrs, 45 minutes and 29 seconds on a plane with a broken seat that wouldn't recline. I never knew that 3 degree difference in seat angles mattered so much.

To be honest, I'd put up with a lot worse for a lot less. I'm lucky as balls** and there isn't another day job I'd choose in the world. Except maybe internationally renowned cake taster.

*Actually, Kate has a boyfriend that would say that we don't do anything creative that we don't want to, so this is really for me. And that makes sense, since modelling is important to me that I would want to...ach, you know what? This isn't for YOU, Ken, so get out of my head. 
**Are balls lucky? I feel like they must be. Not sure why, since they're kind of gross but it just seems like they should be lucky.

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  1. Apparently, they are.