Thursday, September 8, 2011

Update: Nuremburg

It is ze awesome, and it's been a great, easy shoot. Here are some pics of Nuremburg, taken early, early in the morning on my run.


And here are some of the outfits I wore. One of the best things about modelling is that you get to play pretend, even if it's only for a little while and you're the only one that knows who you're pretending to be. For example:

First I was Funeral Dollie
For all your childhood grieving needs
Then I was Borscht Belderson, a Catskills comedian.
I told the photographer to, "get me a Scotch and a cigarette...STAT, you son of a bitch." He was confused, but liked it.

 Then I was that frumpy woman in the office that gets crazy and wears inappropriately low-cut dresses to the holiday party. I call her Pam.  She was my favorite.

Get Pam a chardonnay!
Or hepatitis!

 Then I was Bianca Jagger. And I didn't even have to get a contact high from making out with Mick Jagger.

Then Pam went to a wedding.

Pam is going to get buckwild tonight, yall.

 And then... I was Beyonce.

I swear to the sweet, squalling baby Jesus if someone even hints that I am not the spit fucking image of Beyonce Knowles I will lose it.


  1. this might be my favorite blog post of all the history of all the blogs in the blogosphere.

  2. You are the spit fucking image of Beyonce Knowles! Absolutely! Without a doubt! (who is Beyonce again?)

  3. Catching up on old posts.

    Will you please write a set for Borscht Belderson? And then tell me where you're performing?