Monday, September 12, 2011

I crack myself up.

I went to Switzerland! And then I wrote about it. Here's the link.
Then I went to New Hampshire and wrote about that too. Here's that link.

And here are the pictures that didn't make the article due to their graphic and hilarious nature.

This is funny because it looks like my finger is up this eagle's butt.

This is funny because those socks are ridiculous.

This is funny because this guy is saying, "look at my tiny balls next to this guy!" Yes, really.

This isn't funny. It's fucking terrifying*.
This is funny because there's a lever in his crotch.

It makes me a little uncomfortable.
This is funny because 'cock' is another word for 'penis' and 3 is quite a lot.
Quite a lot indeed. many.
Fresh cock.

Not so fresh cock.
What the cock.

*Seriously. What the hell.


  1. I believe "DRGN" is an elision/abbreviation of "DRAGON", not "THECOCK".

  2. That's hilarious! hahah love your blog :)

    - <3