Wednesday, September 14, 2011

An Unwanted Idea for your Wednesday

Flowers from the weekend

Had a beautiful weekend before The Boy headed off to St. Louis where, apparently, there is an arch that everyone in the world knew about except for me. There is clearly a large gap in my education where midwestern landmarks are concerned.

I do, however, remake a mean filing cabinet.  That sounded a little more housewife than I'm comfortable with. So, here's an unwanted idea for your Wednesday: a bright filing cabinet for your office!


AFTER (a lot of sanding, painting and swap of the handles):

Also, today I put together the perfect riding outfit.
Shirt: Paper Cranes, Shorts: Robert Rodriguez, Sunglasses: C&A

Then I locked my keys in the boot of the my scooter and spent the whole afternoon trying to break into my house. Whatever.

UPDATE: just realized that I typed 'panting' instead of 'painting' before the pictures of the redone cabinet and, full disclosure, I probably panted some while making this. 

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  1. sweet job on the cabinet thinger! and your riding outfit was legit!! :D

    - <3