Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Weekend Recap

It was the Boy's birthday last week, so this weekend I planned a Delightful Surprise Outing which turned out even better than I'd expected.

We hiked, while Rue guarded the house.

Then we had high tea at an adorable cafe.

The cafe had an adjacent store that made me fantasize about my someday grownup house which will have an office like this one I saw in a penthouse apartment on 5th Ave. The apartment belonged to some friends of my grandfather who were hosting his book party. It was full of real grownups, so I put my hair in a french twist, painted my nails and tried not to quote Kanye too much.
That said, I can't help it if my reaction to hearing a heartwarming story about rescuing a cat presents an excellent opportunity to pun on the Kanye classic 'Ni**as in Paris'.

Powerful attorney/real grownup: he was a rescue cat-
Me: that shit stray.
PA/RG: I'm sorry?
Me: oh, it's from Kanye and Jay Z's 'Watch the Throne'
PA/RG: I..I'm not familiar.
Me: that shit cray.

So that was that. 

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