Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I might watch these in Death Sweatpants...

Listed below are my initial reactions to the ads for the following TV shows, followed by more cohesive thoughts I had after watching as much of the show as I could stand.

I should be on this show.
At first I was a little bit freaked out by Kat Denning's cynicism and lack of pluck but I've come to really love it. TV is frequently so full of pluck I want to puke*. Even Meredith and Christina on Grey's Anatomy, who are supposed to be these dark twisty characters are, let's face it, kind of plucky.
Yeah, it's the tails that were really throwing me off here.
I just...can't. Literally can not. Pretty sure that if I even start to talk about this show a deluge of feminist rage and angst will pour out of me and never. fucking. stop. Like, I'll be trying to order coffee and only be able to spout Lacan and Mulvey and then I won't be able to have coffee or food and I'll starve to death and it will be ALL YOUR FAULT, NBC. ARE YOU HAPPY NOW?!
Maya Rudolph is better than anything.
This show is hilarious,  has a working mom and a stay at home dad, which quiets my inner feminist and, most importantly, everyone on it is brilliant and awesome and should be my best friend.
100% of your life would end if I strangled you with sweatpants. Now we all have fun statistics.

Full disclosure: I couldn't bring myself to watch any of this show. And now I can no longer look at my one pair of sweatpants without seeing them as a murder weapon. WILL THE MADNESS NEVER STOP, NBC? STOP MAKING ME SO CAPS LOCK-Y.

*pluck. puke. prick. Alliteration is fun.

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  1. 2 Broke Girls is like watching and listening to someone scrape their nails on a chalk board, as a replacement to that junk, try out New Girl.