Monday, October 10, 2011


A short film* I was in a few months ago recently won two awards at the NYLA film festival: an award of excellence and....



Best Actress.

I don't know who the people behind this festival are, but I love them. They let me win something. I fucking love winning things. Also, they think I'm the best, and I really love that in people.
Still from 1095 Days
It's actually a little bit awkward because I always point and laugh when people react to a success by developing an addiction to the word 'incredibly'.

As in, "I feel incredibly blessed to have worked with this talented group of people" and "this is an incredibly humbling experience."

It's awkward because I do feel incredibly blessed to have worked with the talented group of people that made this film and it was an incredibly humbling experience.


This was my first paid acting job and they were patient and kind as I fumbled through and didn't even call me out when I overslept and caused what was probably a very expensive delay. The film is beautiful and seeing all the work that went into it made me so proud to be a part of this world and this art form. As soon as I can, I'll post links to video.  


The film is also exciting for me as a pet owner, because there is a cameo by my fish, Gaga, and he pulls out Streep level stops.

It's lucky I have this award, since something happened this weekend that left me sorely in need of a sense of pride. Here's what went down: I walked in my sleep down the upstairs hallway until my subconscious sensed that I was in danger and said, "stop walking! You're right near the edge of a staircase!" at which point I woke up,  looked around and proceeded to fall. all. the fuck. the way. down. the stairs.

So, I'll be posting a few cheery decorating entries as I look for a replacement for the lamp I broke and attempt to take myself seriously ever again.

Have a great week!

*The film is called 1095 Days, and for more information on the film and its badass director, Hang Fang Pao, click here.

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  1. Congratulations! We always knew you were a winner and now everyone else knows too!