Monday, January 16, 2012

Miami: Yin and Yang where Yin is a Tittie Bar

The view from my grandparents' apartment
 It's only been two weeks since I was there, but Miami seems like a delightful, warm dream (it's really cold, guys).  In Miami I went from brunch to beach to pool pretty much every day. Not a bad life, if you like awesome things.
The Art Deco District is my favorite district

It's a strange city, though, Miami. My grandfather did an inordinate amount of research about it for his novel (which is getting rave reviews and can be purchased here*). As far as I can tell, if Miami were a person, they'd be a med student with a penchant for body shots and interior decorating. It's Jewish, Latin American, Caribbean, and all set in a pastel art deco paradise. These opposing sensibilities and demands form a ying and yang that allows for the best of both worlds. What it all comes down to is that Miami has the hottest nightclubs with the hottest girls and the best hospitals when those girls get alcohol poisoning.

Low brow and high brow culture fight for space but seem to coexist pretty seamlessly, and you'll find hardcore S&M shops next to high end restaurants and shops. For everywhere your day takes you, you know.
This was taken at a bar called JimBo's

Clothing purchased: sparkly ass dress.
Dress: French Connection, Clutch: BCBG, Blazer: Vintage
I bought this especially for New Year's Eve in Amsterdam, and immediately worried that would be the only time I'd be able to wear it. Then I remembered that lately all the fashion magazines have been squawking about sequins during the day so I thought I'd give it a try. I call it: Miami Goes to New York and Realizes She Has to Cover Up and Wear a Little Black, for Christ's Sake.

*this is an obligatory family plug, but it really is supposed to be a fantastic book according to people who don't share his last name.

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