Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Style Inspiration: Salt N' Pepa

It's totally not on trend or chic right now, but for some reason late last night I was overcome with the desire to push it real good. 

Chalk it up to overexposure to the 50s/20s/70s worship that seems to be on constant rotation during every fashion week, but something in me is calling for 80s excess and cheeseball-ery. That's a word now.

Furthermore, when did matching outfits become embarrassing? Because I know I certainly am embarrassed of the matching outfits my cousin and I used to wear, but part of me wishes that it was still socially acceptable.
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The rest of me totally understands why it isn't though, so don't worry.
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Also, when it comes down to it, I really hate 80s style trainers that designers have come out with recently. So maybe it isn't my personal style but I guess I just like people who take fashion risks. And catchy 80s pop.  Even if I just can't with these damn sneakers. Who wants to spend $300 on these?

Jil Sander Sneakers

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    from the start, you were a cute duckling. now, you're a lovely swan.