Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Zumbaing in Juarez

It all started so innocently. We warmed up, I felt awkward and everything was normal. Then a Spanish rap song came on and the instructor led us in a move that was oddly reminiscent of digging.

I found it odd.

Then, I noticed that the chorus involved a series of noises that were suspiciously reminiscent of the word.... Juarez.

I found that odd.

As I reached into the dusty recesses of my mind to retrieve the Spanish language, I was sure I was hearing the lyrics wrong. ¿Cave las tumbas?

But no.

We were, in fact, gyrating and twirling to a rap about a man digging graves for his familia and amigos. We boogied down to his anguish.


For, as you may know, there is a Crazy Ancient in our class. What you may not know is that she is Hispanic. As in, speaks Spanish.

So, naturally, when she heard the chorus, she stopped dead, planted her hands on her hips and declared, "THE FUCK."

And then kept on dancing.

So, to conclude, let me just track this progression.

Embittered Mexican youth pours his tragedy into a rap -> rap is remixed by unknown entity who feels it would be a super dance song -> dance song is discovered by unknown Zumba entity who choreographs a kicky routine for it, presumably only understanding the "cavè, cavo, voy a cavar" section and not the proceeding "las tumbas, las tumbas, ay, las tumbas". -> a group of women unknowingly get their aerobic groove on -> the tall one doesn't know what the fuck to do save for blogging about it for your amusement.

The fuck indeed, y'all.

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