Friday, February 3, 2012

Some Awesome for Your Week(end)

I started this entry on Monday, and it was supposed to be some awesome for your week, but then I had to go to class, and read stuff and also there was something shiny. So now you've all had a lackluster, un-awesome week and it's all my fault.

Not to worry, I've wrangled up some extra awesome to make up for it. Here goes.

Things That Are Awesome
1. The Netherlands 
Image courtesy of SFGirlbybay
No matter what Fox News says. For that matter,

2. This blog. It has really opened my eyes to the problems inherent in the media's portrayal of women, minorities and non-heterosexuals. That, in turn, has led to increased fancy pantsiness and high horsiness of my blog's vocabulary. 

3. This video

I had no idea I was in love with Kristen Bell until I saw it. I just want to keep her in the +7 emotional zone at all times.

4. This video
I did know that I was in love with M.I.A., but I did not know that this would be the inspiration for my personal style for the rest of my life. Or until I see something shinier.

5. This outfit
Image courtesy of All the Pretty Birds
Seriously, head to toe perfection.

6. Cake
Image courtesy of Love & Olive Oil

7. Boobs
Image courtesy of Old Hollywood
8. And finally, free stuff! 

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