Thursday, June 7, 2012

Travel Recaps: Stuttgart

When I arrived in Stuttgart, I was cranky. Like, travelled for 24 hours, starting at 4am, concluding at 10am the following morning cranky. And the 8 hour time difference totally cocked me up, and it's not as though I have a rock solid grip on time as is.

So I grouched myself into a taxi, grumbled into my hotel, and then lurched onto the bed, determined to dislike everyone and everything around me. I woke up at 4am the next morning and felt....better. But I still didn't like anyone. At 5am, I decided to go for a run to clear my head and take in all the stupid sights.

The BMW Mercedes Building is lovely if...a little ominous, no?

Guys, the sights were freaking delightful. Stuttgart made it really hard to be cranky. The roses were blooming, the buildings were beautiful, and there was a 30 yard stretch of the park full of sleeping ducks.
These old dudes were the only ones awake, clearly having the morning kvetch.

As I rounded the corner on these sculptures I literally stopped dead in my tracks and said, "Oh, for fuck's sake!" Out loud, much to the surprise of the woman jogging nearby.

It was scenic as balls and it put me in a good mood that lasted until the late afternoon when the worst jetlag I have ever had kicked in, just as we were about to shoot the hosiery section of the catalog. By the way, next time you buy a pair of tights and see the lovely legs on the packaging, you should know that the model who owns those legs had to hoist her ass in the air and pretend to sit upside down to make them look like that.

But all's well that ends well and the shoot went smoothly and afterwards I treated myself to a gelato. Oh, it also happened to be THE BEST FUCKING GELATO IN THE WORLD. Seriously, Stuttgart is worth a trip just for Old Bridge Gelateria. I had a scoop of nutella gelato and a scoop of frozen yogurt and spent the whole time debating which was better.  I almost cried when I got to the cone...UNTIL I BIT THE CONE. EVEN THE CONES ARE BETTER THAN ANYTHING ELSE EVER. If this company doesn't hire me again soon I think I'll go into withdrawal.


  1. Really lovely photos! So pretty!

    ox from NYC!


  2. Lovely! But isn't that the Mercedes symbol ;)

  3. Erm... right, Mercedes. Shows you how much I know about luxury cars. I thought a Lexus was something you put on your back when it ached.