Monday, June 11, 2012

Miscellaneous Maintenance

A lovely and very patient Twitter follower* has reminded me that I never updated everyone on the Breill watch giveaway that was six million years ago. Mea culpa. Better late than never, I present the winner, Miss Mina!

Giving the watch to Miss Mina guarantees the watch will be paired with something glamorous. I know because her blog says so. If you like beautiful, vintage things and glamour, check out said blog here.

Another very patient Twitter follower pointed out that the link to my Tumblr page was broken in a post a while back, so here is the correct one.

That said, now that I'm out of school I am planning to be a much better blogger. My goals for the summer are to learn how to make pasta and how not to hate Brooklyn, so I'll be recapping those adventures accordingly. Recipes, recaps and even another giveaway so be sure and check back.

Meanwhile, I'm headed off for a cruise to Bermuda. Apparently I cruise. I feel a little like an anthropologist heading out to explore unknown territories. I will report back shortly with my findings.

*By the way, are you following me on Twitter? You should be. I talk a lot about potty humor and backstage model nonsense.

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