Sunday, April 7, 2013

Birthdays: Harbingers of Cake and Death

My birthday is next week, which is exciting because of cake but also crap because of the inevitable decay and decline into death. Pardon my grimness, I just came from the dermatologist*. Which is part of why this wishlist doesn't include any of the more practical things that I want for my birthday, like acting classes, because that's just not as pretty, you know? These are the kinds of presents that grownup classy ladies give and get. But then, grownup classy ladies don't get to eat ice cream at midnight in bed so I think we're about even.

Being comfortable and literate are two of my highest priorities.

A classic. 

For the girl who likes looking like a zombie at night and Cate Blanchet by day. 

So obsessed. I think it's because deep down I'm still the 13 year old girl who got made fun of at horse camp because I didn't have any clothes with my initials on them. Horsie girls are bitches.

  These Mugs
Classy, but a little weird.

Have a good week everyone!

*who recommended that to prevent aging I "quit moving my face so much." 


  1. I hope you get everything you want. Happy Birthday.

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