Thursday, January 15, 2009

Cheerful Things

So. Rue had to go to the vet today which has put me into a very. grouchy. mood. No one is safe- fellow drivers on the road, my mother's facebook friends, anyone. So I've decided to list things that cheer me up in order to distract myself and get some perspective.

I present, in no particular order:

Tropical Nights



Late night city adventures in odd bars

And, most of all:

Childhood best friends, pretty dresses

Artistic friends, birds

Far-away friends, Boston

Good friends, warm places

Old friends, familiar places

Blurry friends, champagne

Boyfriends, beer

I feel better. Nothing can get me down now; not broken eggs, stubbed toes, sick cats or Christina Aguilera's crippling addiction to self-tanner.

1 comment:

  1. hi sarah! thanks for your comment! sometimes i think i'm just writing these posts, and only my parents are reading. but then i hear from people like you and it makes me happy. i like your blog too. i hope you aren't cranky anymore. maybe you should come back to western mass for a visit. we have mountains and old friends and familiar places...
    anyway, now we can be blog friends! (sorry for all the exclamation points, i'm trying to cut back...)