Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Christmas Loot!

So, here's all what I got for Christmas. Like most people, my lovelies and I were doing Christmas on a smaller scale this year but neither of my parents were able to let go of the spirit completely.

Of course, every year my mom says Christmas is going to be small and nothing special and it always ends up wonderful and this year was no exception. She and I were up until 3am Christmas Eve wrapping presents and drinking these so we got into the (very!) festive spirit early.

My dad was surprisingly jolly- ever since our apartment burned down on Christmas Day 1995 (we all escaped unscathed) he's been a little sour on the holidays but this year he showed up wearing a Santa Hat with a big smile and a bag of presents to match.

I myself did pretty well with Christmas shopping- I only bought two on Christmas Eve. The rest I bought the 23rd.

But never mind what I gave, here's what I got!

Some of my favorite perfume from Dad.
Something about this smells very sweater-girl
fresh and clean.

A favorite. Gorgeous, vintage and long-coveted bag from Mom. Also from Mom, some beautiful pictures from my favorite children's book
The Lonely Doll. These are going to look amazing in my boudoir.

Some close-ups of my latest decorating challenge.

A fantastic hand-me-down from Mom. As an only child,
I don't have any complexes about hand-me-downs. In
fact, they might be my favorite way of getting clothing.
Lucky for me, almost all the women in my family have
impeccable taste (Mom, I forgive you for your mullet)


A lovely surprise from our post-Christmas escape Hotel Staff along with
my reading material from the trip.

The big present from The Boy. This gorgeous locket from Tiffany's. This cannot go on (oh please let it go on) or my transformation into a spoiled brat will be complete- Tiffany's and a kitten?

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