Monday, January 5, 2009

Vintage delights

Browsing the web I came across this fantastic online store called Covet Vintage and I am definitely eyeing their skirts and dresses section.

They change their inventory constantly, and I'm waiting for a hippie-looking dress to wear with my very favorite cowboy boots this summer (yes I am already waiting for summer).

This is my new quest, having discovered my perfect black dress earlier in 2008. This, sadly, is the best picture there is of said dress.

This dress came from Marshall's


  1. you got a blog and didn't tell me. you got drunk with your friends and didn't include me. and you still have yet to meet my bf. also, need phone chat. pronto. i'm pretty sure you can figure out who this is, but in case you cannot- matt and joe BOTH send their regards this fine holiday season. they just won't stop pestering me. I hope they stay in MI when I head back from where I came.

  2. Anonymous? Hmmm. So unfamiliar... who could it be? Matt and Joe are some hot mess friends of mine- keep them in MI. Bring the BF to Boston. Love you.