Friday, November 13, 2009

Travel Essentials

I can't remember if I've already posted this, but here are a few things that make getting around easier for me.

Travelling lightly. Wear the biggest and heaviest things you're bringing while in transit, so you only have to carry the lighter stuff. And stuff your shoes with underwear and socks. Pare everything down to essentials, and let your accessories make the outfits. Accessories like aviators and straw fedoras, for example.

Note: this is taken on the way home, and I
am sick and sleep deprived.

Good travelling shoes. That, for me, usually means easy to slip off heels. I can walk in heels. Hell, I can run in heels. But I'm not sure I can hike and ride an ATV (both of which were on the agenda for this trip) so I didn't bring a single pair this time around. Yes, it was embarrassingly difficult and I felt naked the whole time. But I stuck with these boots, which I kind of love.

No real tip here, just wanted to show off my passport case and manicure.

A bit of champagne at the airport. I know, I know, you're supposed to drink only water and vitamins before flying. But airport bars always seemed so exciting to me- you could meet anyone from anywhere. And it makes getting to the airport early so worth it. And the time differences make it socially acceptable to drink any time of day. Maybe I looked a little puffy at landing, but I learned a lot about French boarding schools from a very interesting woman so it was worth it.

Not pictured: a good dark eye mask, ear plugs and Emergen-C.

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