Saturday, January 9, 2010

The owner of a lovely little Brooklyn vintage clothing store gave me a great tip: take a vintage slip, dye it, and wear it as a belted dress. I'm very lazy, so I didn't dye it. I'm at that stage in winter, though, where a white dress perks me up in the long, cold afternoons.

That Tiffany's box has The Boy's present.
Boys get shiny presents, too.

Necklace: Anthropologie, Slip dress: vintage
Belt: Target Tights: Gap
Shoe: Jessica Simpson

I topped off this ensemble with my new cloche hat, which I've been searching for for months, as is documented here. It was right under my nose, and I finally found it. At Target.

Hat: Target

Coat: Vintage, Hat: Target
Chairs: Painted by me!

Speaking of hats, my obsession is getting out of hand. I just won a bid on five gorgeous vintage hats on Ebay, so expect them to crop up frequently. Visiting the home of a long time hat collector probably didn't help.

This probably didn't help with my obsession
with vintage posters, either.

I'm very excited for my Ebay package to arrive. Happy weekend!

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