Monday, April 19, 2010

It's your birthday girl.

What is it we wanna do? Now that I'm allowed to be alone with you. It's your birthday girl. Wherever you wanna go. Now that you're old enough to see the R-rated show, now.
-The Roots, Birthday Girl

Had the best birthday in recent memory. I can get a little nutsy about birthdays, whether they're mine or not, and have a tendency to drag them out for as long as possible. The Boy was more than understanding: he was simply smashing. Presents at midnight, champagne and cake for breakfast, and lobster for dinner. He didn't even make fun of how I eat it (think Daryl Hannah in 'Splash'). Then, on Saturday evening was a party with all wonderful people.




When my present got into The Boy's office, it raised a few eyebrows. When he told people what it was and why he got it for me, those eyebrows stayed way up. But he and I know it's the best.

It's love.

Someone once told me, when I was around eleven, that the older we get, the worse our presents. Setting aside the fact that that's an awful thing to tell a young girl, I have not found that to be the case. Besides my lovely lettered friend, I got some of the best presents this year.

These are the kind of presents that require little to no wrapping.

One of my party guests, despite her dislike of frosting, is a cupcake decorating fiend. I'll reschedule pretty much anything if it conflicts with one of her parties. Bunnies, butterflies, vegetables, anything might be depicted in frosting. We spent the day decorating away (I did the base coat. The only thing I can draw with frosting is an elephant from behind) and the result was delicious AND beautiful.

Also pictured: TEACUP CAKES. Brilliant.

I may be better at eating cupcakes than decorating them, but I can make a mean burger. Mean and miniature, of course.

All in all, it was a sweet fucking spread.

All images either by The Erratic Traveller
or This is Glamorous


  1. Your birthday made me go "wow". Amazing!
    I can understand why you would want a typing machine, because if you write (being in a writers mode, means no more than just having a bad hairday and some inspiration ;)), you don't want to be distracted. And the interwebz is a major distracting factor.
    I also congratulated you on your Twitter, but congratz again! :)

  2. Thank you! It's made an interesting difference in my writing process- I'm more productive and proactive in editing and making changes to drafts. I love, love, love it.