Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day Proper

I've been so crazy busy since recovering from this that I've barely seen The Boy. In fact, it feels like every time I start to unpack my overnight bag I just have to pack it again. Thank God for long weekends. I was gone for the bulk of this weekend but I made damn sure that Monday was free. We spent Memorial Day in the city, playing with guitars, eating hamburgers and then lounging on the couch ignoring our phones. It was just what I needed.

Train rides



I also got a haircut, which totally failed to curtail my hair related restlessness. Ever since my agent told me to keep my hair long and dark, I've wanted to cut it all off and dye it aqua. Tricky business, that.

Shirt: Goodwill, Tank top: H&M, Shorts: Levi's,
Buckle: Levi's, Necklace: Avery B,
Shoes (not pictured): H&M

Now it's back to real life. Lucky for me, my real life is pretty sweet at the moment. And being well-rested and fed is just icing on the cake. Oh fuck. Now I want some cake.