Monday, February 14, 2011

Blogger Recharge

Today I was lucky enough to attend Lookbooks and FashionIndie's Blogger Break Room, which was a perfect way to start the week.  Spray tans by Be Bronze*, manicures, facials and massages from Spa Merge, complete with charging stations, computers and everything a blogger needs to make it through Fashion Week.

Any place that puts one of these in my hands within two seconds of me walking in the door is A+ to me
It was great. As I left to head to the Sachi + Babi show at the tents I was waxed, bronzed, painted and preened to near perfection. And as I looked around the room at the ridiculously stylish people filling the room, I had the feeling that I had snuck in somehow and would be discovered at any moment.

"Quick! That girl spends her evenings in old man slippers and can't not laugh when someone says the word 'fart'! Get her out of here!"

But somehow I slipped under the radar and got to pilfer all the goodies.

Girl got her nails did.

They even took my picture and entered it in a contest, which you can help me win by clicking here and 'liking' said picture.

What an odd world, where all you have to do is write about your daily doings and people will give you free champagne and make you look pretty.

This is the part of Fashion Week where I always get a little Debbie Downer and Erin Existential, so maybe I should just be quiet and drink my free champagne.

Besides, I think someone just said 'fart'.

*All the products and brands present were great, but this stuff was really awesome. I am tanning inept but their clear formula is fool proof. Five minutes to put on and it doesn't smudge or smear afterwards at all.

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