Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Fashion Week Notes Thus Far

Just thought I'd post a quick list of shows I've seen and a few links to my articles.

1) Jil Stuart- click here to read the article

Prepster meets Arizona hippie. Wasn't 100% in love with the whole collection, but a few pieces definitely rang my bell.

2) Ann Yee

Great knits, weird makeup. Not crazy about the dresses, but definitely a designer to watch.

3) Sach + Babie (no article yet)

Awesome ode to the 60s, loved the jewelry and the colors.

4) Odyn Vovk (no article yet)

Definitely a huge improvement over past shows, great quality clothes.

Lincoln Center is a total circus but a fun one- wine, manicures, goody bags. It's a weird world, but a lovely one. More shows to come, and a few more articles.


  1. I hear 80's are back.... Can I rock some neon and a scrunchie with scrunch socks? I doubt it. I love the 70's and 60's. I love the swimsuits and the textiles, the dresses, purses and the shoes. In my other life, my mother was a fashionista and saved everything for her first daughter. In my real life, an animal made a home in my parents attic and stole my wedding dress and my future fashion for all eternity. I'm not hopeless. I am just not hopeful. I think I might need your help. i know your going to be big and famous but I totally think you should be a stylist until then. I bet you would be wanted all over the globe for that.

  2. I'm with you: anti-scrunchie but very pro 60s and 70s.

    My condolences about the dress and future fashion. People might laugh, but that to me is a really big loss.

    You must be psycic- I have my first gig as a stylist in May and I'm so excited. Fingers crossed!