Monday, February 14, 2011

Rhymes with Blalentine's Blay

Rhymes With Blalentine's Blay
in which the author unwittingly celebrates the weirdest holiday of the year
The Boy and I accidentally had a really romantic Valentine's day weekend. We didn't mean to. But I got a fondue kit on sale at a bookstore (isn't that where everyone gets their fondue kits?). Did you know that chocolate fondue is romantic? Because I didn't.

And then the London Hotel offered me afternoon tea for two (which I highly recommend, by the way).

And then we decided to try the Champagne Bar at the Plaza.

So, just to recap: chocolate fondue, tea for two, champagne cocktails. 

Then, suddenly, it was that day that rhymes with Blalentine's Blay, when everyone is being pressured to tell people that they love each other because some Saint was bludgeoned to death 600 years ago. A holiday that I think is weird and morbid and that I only put up with because it involves champagne and cupcakes.

And I celebrated the living hell out of it. I even had ribbons on my shoes. Weird. And delicious.

*let's be honest, I love it much more than the next girl

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