Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fashion Week in the Home

Being out of the country for Fashion Week meant that I totally OD'd on trend reports and streetstyle pics. I was forced to mourn, from afar, the fact that crop tops are here to stay. Being so far removed from the spectacle and fuss made it was hard to get into the spirit of things. Besides that, something about being surrounded by uber German Gingerbread houses just made me really giggly. And nervous. Giggly and nervous.

All of the houses looked the same!
Rastede, Germany: where everyone knows your name. And Social Security Number.

How do they all keep their lawns so neat? And when did they all get together and decide on red flowers?! Every house had red flowers. It was weird.

At any rate, since my head is in apartment mode, I thought I'd translate all the fashion bullshit into decorating....bullshit. So here are some items and collages that represent the various trends of NYFW:

The neon trend is here to stay, sort of. I noticed at the first show I went to, the Kaelen presentation, that the neon yellow was a watered down version of what I've seen in seasons past and that held true for many other shows. It's a subtler, more grownup neon. But when you're working with an entire room instead of a size 2 model, there's room to splash out a little more. I love that ampersand print from Etsy, and I like the idea of spray painting a chair neon pink. Or, if you value your brain cells and aren't into the idea of accidentally huffing paint, you could buy that one.
Home Decor- Neon

Black and White
Stripes, mixed patterns, sleek suits- black and white was everywhere this season. Dolce and Gabbana had some very ladylike striped suits that I loved. When it comes to home decor, part of me wishes that I was one of those minimalist people who could pare down everything I owned and stick to 3 black frames with spare prints, and a huge white couch in an otherwise bare room. But, to be honest, I'm really more of a more is more type of person when it comes to decorating. Still, a girl can dream.
Home Decor: Black and White Pattern Mixing

I am all about the leather trend. I've held on to my three (totally different and therefore justifiable) leather skirts just because I know that they will always be in style. Also, my favorite piece of furniture is an enormous leather chair I inherited from my grandfather.
Home Decor: Leather

Green (and a little purple)
Green is apparently the It color for this season/the new black/yadda yadda yadda. I don't really care, since whenever I wear green I look nauseous. But Kermit was onto something, since green is shown to promote relaxation and creativity. Too much of it, though, can promote laziness, so it's more a bedroom than a study color (the human brain is amazing). For more info on the effects of color on the brain, click here.

Home Decor: Green

This has inspired some DIY ideas that may be appearing shortly on the blog. Until then, what are some of your favorite decorating trends? Did I miss anything? Is there some way to translate a crop top into home decor? And how do I avoid it at all costs?

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